How I Treat

How I Treat

I use what I learnt at university as a foundation for my Chiropractic care that I give to patients. The most important thing is to look for the source of a person’s pain, or what a person’s lifestyle entails and how it can be improved for optimal health. I look at a person’s health in a triangle consisting of physical/structural, nutritional/chemical and emotional/mental states. Therefore when treating a patient, all of these states need to be analysed and addressed.


The Body

The body is a profoundly complex structure and its role is to thrive and survive. This is best achieved through homeostasis (a balanced body), and ideal functioning. Any interference in this, and the body will find its best way to survive through compensation. The body will also look to find the easiest way to do things and act in the way you want it to.

This is precisely why I place a great emphasis on body awareness. Body awareness is the understanding of where your body is in space. If you are lacking this, you could be inflicting damage throughout the day, and even resting in a poor way in the evening.


Prevention and Maintenance

An important aspect is to look at prevention before cure. Prevention and maintenance go hand in hand to ensure the body is always working at it’s best before it has to scream out to you in pain that it needs help.

The way I treat is to look at every person individually, and see what their specific needs are. I then give them care that tailors to them, having addressed all aspects of their health and lifestyle to give the best comprehensive treatment possible.

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